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Health Reform

The South Australian Government is committed to building a better health system for all South Australians.

The Generational Health Review, commissioned in May 2002, concluded that the current health system was not sustainable, and presented a strong case for change.

In June 2007, the South Australian Government released its new Health Care Plan which covers a comprehensive rollout of infrastructure, service and planning initiatives to meet future healthcare challenges.

Go to the SA Health website to view
South Australia’s Health Care Plan 2007-2016.

The Health Reform objectives – why change?

Developing the WCHN in line with the SA Health Reform Agenda will benefit the community through:

  • improved quality and safety of health care
  • improved community participation
  • sustainable and integrated health services
  • a stronger focus on prevention and primary health care
  • addressing health inequalities, including Aboriginal health
  • building better systems: population-based funding, workforce development, information systems and efficiency.

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